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COLOURPOP - The Zodiac

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255 Reviews KATHLEEN LIGHTS Hey, what’s your sign? See Kathleen’s passion come to life, each shade of The Zodiac Palette was carefully created to represent the astrological signs while staying cohesive and wearable as an eyeshadow palette. Rock your sign alone as a wash of color or complement it with the other shades of the zodiac! The Aries: This metallic firey orange is as bold as your confidence The Taurus: You can rely on this matte camel brown, uh huh! The Gemini: Express yourself in this metallic antique gold The Cancer: This soft peachy pink with a golden sheen feels like home The Leo: This soft coral with a gold flip is sure to grab your attention The Virgo: You’ll wear this matte dark chocolate brown with practically every look The Libra: This matte light dusty rose brings balance to any look The Scorpio: Share your passion with this rich metallic plum The Sagittarius: Up for an adventure? Try this matte magenta purple The Capricorn: Shoot for the stars with this black with gold glitter The Aquarius: This matte periwinkle blue will unleash your creativity The Pisces: Be a daydream believer in this vibrant metallic aqua

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