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Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Base

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Usage/ Application: Like a magnetic pull, your shadows will latch onto the Hydra Cream Base once applied to the lid. Say good bye to fall out and hello to a flawless application. With the Hydra Cream Base you can confidently create beautiful eye makeup and not have to worry about muddying up your flawless foundation because of a little shadow that’s fallen onto your cheeks. Pro Tip: Hydra Cream Bases need to be activated with Water (Not a Gel Eye Liner!) Key Features: Increase durability Maximize intensity and longevity Create fine bold lines or makeup art when applied wet Create new shades, depth and dimension by mixing different base colours with different colors of shadows. Storage Tip: Hydra Cream Bases will shrink BUT this is Normal - It is designed to be RE-ACTIVATED with water!! NET WT./POIDS NET: 0.35 OZ. (10g)

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