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Clip On Selfie Ring Light

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With 32 LED bulbs, this specially designed Selfie Light provides supplemental or side lighting for photography in the Night or darkness, helps you to get Higher Quality Pictures and Videos even in Low-light Place. Applicable to so many phones or laptop with camera The Selfie Ring Light can open maximum 12mm to clip onto fixed place or seflie devices such as: 1) iPhone 6s/5/5c/5s/ android/ Samsung/ phone/galaxy 4 note, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola and more 2) Camera and the back camera of the device, 3) Laptops. Plug-free and Super Easy Operation: just by Clamping his Flexible Clip Style Light on your smartphone and Pressing the Button, you will get the supplementary lighting. 3 Mode Lightings 2pcs of AAA battery (Not included)

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